Monday, October 24, 2016

Across the Ocean Campaign!

Hey Everyone! 
We are live on Kickstarter! That's right. We are currently raising money to bring this feature film to life. 
Please check out the link to read MUCH more about the project, or even shoot me a question, I’d love to answer any. We want to get this film made, but realize there’s absolutely, no way, we can do it without your help. If this film is something that interests you and you want to see this film on the screen, please donate and make this film a reality. There aren’t words to describe how incredibly grateful Uma and I would be for this donation. 
Thank you so much. 
And keep tuned in for updates, videos, and all new blog posts. 
- Nicole

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Movie -- FINALLY!!!

So it’s been awhile. I know, over a year since my last update. I'm terrible. Work commitments, personal lives, and the goal to make the best script and story possible caused significant delays. In my last post I had been teasing an upcoming new project I was planning on writing/directing… well I finally have an update, and it’s pretty exciting.

I have teamed up with Indian filmmaker Uma Kumarapuram, to make a feature length narrative film. A little backstory on Uma... she hails from Thrissur, a small town district in Kerala, India where she is a filmmaker specializing in cinematography. She's a student of the renowned Filmmaker and DP Rajiv Menon, and has been working since 2010 in the south Indian film industry. She is currently working as an Associate Director of Photography in Malayalam Film Industry, and as an Assistant Director of Photography in Bollywood. 

Though we have very different lives ourselves, we bonded over our shared interests in filmmaking, as well as in making a movie that embody strong female characters. We had no choice but to team up, and bring this new film to life!

Similar to our personal lives, our film tells the story of two women, Nila  and Holly. Nila hails from Kerala India. Holly, is from Los Angeles, California. Each have vastly different cultures, jobs, food, friends, but each strives for some thing more -- an escape, a new job, a new love, a journey. Society pressures, preconceived ideas, and obstacles threaten the possibility of each woman achieving their dream.

We collaboratively wrote a script, but we will each be shooting half the film. Mine in Los Angeles and Uma’s in Kerala. We will be shooting on the exact same camera, similar lens, and the same editing equipment.  This will allow each of our shot footage to cut back and forth with one another, without any jarring differences. Once the shooting wraps, all of the footage will seamlessly be edited together to have one united film. 

Right now, with the script locked, casting almost finished, and pre-production nearing a close, we are gearing up to start our Kickstarter campaign where we are hoping to raise enough money to FINALLY make this film come to life!

I’m very excited to take on this feature length film, and to bridge a gap between two countries, as well as make this collaborative film in such an incredibly unique way!

Stay tuned for more (I promise). 

- Nicole

Thursday, July 9, 2015

It has been a LONG time.

It's been over six months since I've posted! I know, quite a cliffhanger I left you with regarding my new project.

Currently, I am in development. This project is going to be on a much larger scale than anything prior, and will also be a narrative.

I promise stay tuned, a more detailed description coming soon.

- Nicole

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Project In The Works

I have a new project in the works, something a little different this time... well, actually A LOT different. Stay tuned.

- Nicole

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants

Thanks so much for taking the time to enjoy the latest gender-switching trailer!

I know there was a huge wait time between the The Women of Wall Street and this, and I thank you for being patient. After the controversy the other trailer caused, I debated long and hard about what my follow-up would be. Should I do the same thing and switch women in for male roles? Or should I move away from genders and stir up something else? After weeks of thinking, I decided to make another trailer, but put a spin on it -- settling on the film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

It's a movie that focuses on friendships, emotions, and relationships -- three things that people generally associate with a so-called "chick flick".

The reason I made The Women of Wall Street was to break these ideas and stereotypes. I wanted to flip these traditional thoughts and do something different. Just as there are stereotypes for women, there are equally as many male ones. Why isn't it acceptable for a man to cry, or for him to confess to his best friend that he loves him as a friend?  These ideas, thoughts and actions aren't seen as manly, but why? Who made these rules, and why do we continue to follow them?

I did it again shot for shot, and I want to see what people think of this new kind of reversal.

- Nicole Donadio

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick Update

After a three month hiatus, we are back in full swing filming our next trailer.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pre-Production Is Underway!

It has been a long time since our last post, so I just wanted to give you all a quick update. We are underway with pre-production on our new gender bender trailer! It's going to have a bit of a twist and be a little different from what we did last time. Keep your eyes posted for more updates in the upcoming weeks!

- Nicole